Weekend Workshops 2021

June 26th & 27th
Life Drawing  - (1 space left )
featuring a variety of poses with the model in the studio and outside  - fun with scenario building alongside some traditional study.

July 31st & August 1st 
Hand and hair and ' digets '
(N.B.this will now run 2022)
When studying the figure people often struggle with the same few things - Hair, hands, feet and other ' digets' 
I call - eyes, ears, nipples, tummy buttons - get some hands on building experience to fully understand the structure of the hand and other notable difficult areas - then test your new insight with a model on the 2nd day.

August 28th & 29th
 basic graphic design, create your own personal logo / flag then try some simple printing techniques (silkscreen, soft lino carving and mono printing on paper and fabric )
*4 booked 
  4 available 
 ( as of 17.8.21.)

September 17th & 18th 
Still life study 
a great way to 'train the eye' 
Using mixed media including acrylic and oil paint, learn how to measure and understand placement and balance alongside how to maximise knowledge with the paint and brush application techniques.
* 8  available
(as of 17.8.21)

November 26th & 27th
Impressionist Garden
Study the Impressionist art movement focusing on Claude Monet and the techniques used by the artists of this important time. Mastering Art Retreat is lucky to have a beautiful garden with many established  flowering plants and big trees.
Try acrylic painting and oil pastels.

* 1 booked
* 7 available

(as of 17.8.21)

Cost - $340 (for 2 days)
includes -
all materials, equipment and tea/coffee throughout the weekend.
( people bring own lunch )
a deposit of $100 is required to secure a place (8 places available)
L Bucknall 12-3015-0538181-00