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My name is Gillian Clark and I am primarily a printmaker. I have been attending Lucy Bucknall's Mastering Art classes for 6 years. I started out with the aim of developing my figure drawing skills. Once begun I found myself in an ongoing course which comprehensively educates in many different painting skills-generally sharpening and nurturing a productive attitude towards my printmaking.

Lucy's lessons on the structure of the hand and then arm and skull have been a revelation. Her hands-on model making has helped my understanding a lot. No more mitten hands !

Lucy brings to her classes a positive and enthusiastic attitude. In individual instruction she is clear and direct and as a student I find her to be trustworthy and respectful.

The value of Lucy's classes came home to me recently when I finished a weekend workshop on Monoprinting and frustrated by my desultory results, the next day I asked myself - what would Lucy say, which was "think about it' and 'you can fix this'. I found I did know what to do with the colour the composition the tools and the material and could apply what Lucy had already taught me to the application of the ink to a steel plate. The result was good.

My making has also been informed by what I have learnt from Lucy's slide shows and on going in class direction to art historical models.

I have been part of Lucy's Mastering Art class for over 6 years now. I joined feeling extremely apprehensive as i have never taken any art training and was worried I would be out of my depth. But from the very first lesson Lucy put me at ease. She has the ability to walk a fine line between guiding yet encouraging self-critique. Under her tutelage I have tried a range of techniques that were completely new to me. Consequently my confidence and enjoyment of the art have increased significantly. I cannot praise her highly enough - Friday art classes are the highlight of my week !

Kate Dutton

I've loved the Friday 'Mastering Art' with Lucy. I'm pretty new to the classes but its been a great introduction to new forms of art in a relaxed and supportive environment. I'm constantly challenging myself to learn new techniques and skills.

Gerry Wilson

My two years of being part of the Mastering Art group has conquered my fear of painting and given another dimension to my creative life.

it is challenging, fun, supportive and a great learning environment.

Lucy Bucknall shares her passion and extensive knowledge in this stimulating environment.

Diana Poor

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